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About Elaine

aka @TheBionicGlamma. As a speaker, a podcaster, polymath, and Pollyanna, I am on a mission to end silence, stigma, and shame surrounding suicide loss, ideation, and mental health.

Through my work, I have achieved significant milestones in raising awareness and promoting open discussions on suicide loss, ideation and mental health. I have empowered individuals to share their stories, provided valuable resources, and am growing a supportive community.

Elaine has been featured on…​
Canada's Keynote Humourist Judy Croon
Host BBPTVshow and Podcast
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CTV Ottawa Morning Live show
Art of Feminine Negotiation™ Podcast
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Elaine Lindsay on the Chris Voss Show
Brainz magazine
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Elaine Speaks

My ultimate goal is to positively contribute to a world where individuals feel comfortable seeking help, where communities rally around those struggling, and where the conversation around these topics is as commonplace as discussing  your physical health.

Elaine’s Favourite Books

There are certain books that stay with you. ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to name only a few. Certain writers who remain in your heart. The latest is Life on Your Terms – Rex Sikes. A profoundly life changing book I highly recommend.

Psycho Cybernetics

One of those authors, Maxwell Maltz, seemed an odd duck. I was in my teens when my Godmother gave me her well worn copy. Aunt Kathleen urged me to “really read it”. That didn’t actually happen until the early 2000’s when it popped up in an old box. That was part way to my heart-centered re-birth and I am so thankful she gifted me with this tome.

The Little Engine That Could

This is my most cherished book. It was a gift from my BFF Jackie (RIP) on my 50th birthday. Jackie had been in my life for all the highlights and the trauma and pain. This gift was a confirmation that I had come through the worst of it and was still going!

Life on Your Terms

Rex’s book sat on the shelf for a few months. I would bring it from room to room as I wondered to myself why I could not seem to read it. Over this last Christmas holiday, as I thought over 2023, and began making my plans for 2024, I found myself picking up the book. I read chapters two even three times! I have stopped to do the work. I am at chapter Nine. There is deep work to be done within the book and skipping over these exercises, I believe would be a huge mistake. I am fairly humming about 10 feet off the ground as the final pieces in the puzzle of my life fall into place for me… the creator of my Best Life going forward On MY Terms!

What People say…

Elaine, You Honour All of Us

  I truly think what you are doing is amazing.  I see myself as pretty resilient, but until you started this podcast, I had no idea what I had bottled up inside me. 
I’m so blessed to know you.

Angela Sutcliffe • Suicide Loss Survivor • Small Business Advisor

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