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One of my dear friends, Andrea chose to take her own life. Her untimely death would change my life in ways I didn't know or understand then. As she bestowed a Gift it would take me more than 39 years to appreciate!
On a highway, approximately 2 am in the morning, my life forever changed. Directly in front of Andrea’s grave was the scene of the three car crash which first pinned me between the cars, then spit me out and up into the air… Thanks to Andrea, my head did NOT split like a melon on that frozen highway… 
This was the second gift from Andrea. The other, or what I call the best/worst gift I received was being one of those left behind. Knowing the pain, the angst, the never-answered questions I could not in the end, leave my loved ones in the same place.. Andrea’s death became the impetus to keeping me living. On multiple occasions. Through so many years of physical pain, trauma, and self-loathing. 

1983 to 1985
Three botched surgeries, pain and ramifications continue until today, And too many repairs, doctors, drugs, etc. to mention. 

Run down by a road-rage man who was trying to hit me and my kids. And this became my lightbulb moment.. My aha… the beginning of the transformation into me, that took almost 2 decades. Covered in scars, looking like a map of the backroads of anywhere, I hid because I felt ugly and had such shame. Along came G+ and social media and I chose to be seen on video to help others become visible.

I share my story for the first time. I’m filled with gratitude. I am no longer an army of one.

Kintsugi, a philosophy that treats breakage and repair as an honourable part of the history of an object, has changed my perspective. In Japan they repaired the broken porcelain and then painted the cracks( scars) with real gold. These scars are my life experience marks..Now think of them as the gold veins of that experience rather than something to disguise and despise.

Onstage at YukYuk's Comedy Club for my first ever '6 minutes'!I now proclaim myself as FLAWSOME. ( from Pink Goldfish 2.0)And I'm Bionic so that's freakin' cool!

Continuing the self-discovery journey, releasing 80 lbs, creating my reality daily, choosing life!Sharing my #gratitudeattitude daily!!!The Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast is my thank you to Andrea for all she has given me...

I used to Believe Life was a Vindictive Bitch

Fortunately I have my bent sense of humour which allowed me to laugh in the face of a ton of crap!!

You know, most people say the universe hits them with bricks,

 to get their attention. In my case it's vehicles!

Once a victim,

Now, I'm a survivor, and a thriver!

I have had to reinvent myself, re-start in business numerous times. I TROOL-Y understand how life can get in the way. ~ Elaine Lindsay
In talks that can be difficult to hear, Elaine uses the best/worst gift lesson to show people how to choose joy every day and create their best lives at any age.

Resilience  •  Humour •  Gratitude

My Why?

Crushed between three cars

Elaine Shares the Lessons

I’m here to show you that you can rise above, turn any situation around and live your best life ...


shame scars damage feeling unworthy

Always Wear Clean Underwear!

I believe a bent sense of humour and the gift from Andrea, that took me 39 years to understand are the reasons I am still here, now...



Happiness is a plethora of Stingrays!

Plunk me in the ocean, let me dig deep into a bucket of chum. Let me revel in feeding the more than 125 stingrays that are all around us... You have entered my heaven. Sadly it's hubby's Ultimate Hell: Water, NOT his first, second or thousandth choice, he's terrified of water!  So much so, he won't even put his face under the shower head! ( This photo and the joy on his face almost gives lie to that fact!) Almost!


Speaking to Inspire

Being granted multiple second chances in life, it makes sense to pass on the bounty. I'm an eternal optimist, and believe you function at your best when you integrate and optimize all you do. Online and offline.  
I speak about the tough times, succeeding and failing in business, and how you can CHOOSE to keep on going... to look for the lesson, to rejoice in the failures, ( #Failabrations ©Nurjahan Boulden who first taught me that phrase) and yes there will be failures)   take a beat.. have your #Failabration then dust off for the next go-round!

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WOW! In less than 5 minutes you have given me a whole new outlook on digital and social media! I'm no longer scared.


Women's Inspire Network One Day Event in Dublin, Ireland


You brought me out of my shell many years ago. Wow what a lady.  All the best.

Dianne W

Akumal Friendship Bracelets


YOU ARE FLAMING AMAZING! Thank you for being you. This video chat has opened new doors. Today, is an amazing day...I'm coming out of my skin! 

Terri W
Law of Attraction Coach

I'm Excited You're Here

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"

" I can resist everything except temptation."

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

Oscar wilde

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