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Living each Moment with Gratitude


I am covered in scars, I used to hide them, I felt such shame,
I now proclaim them to be my life experience marks. And I'm bionic so that's freakin' cool!

I have had to re-start in business numerous times, after long term illness took me out of the game.  
I TROOL-Y understand how life can get in the way. 
I know how to maximize every second: the least amount of time, while committing 100% to every task.


When I was 16 years old, one of my best friends chose to take her own life.  
Andrea’s death changed my life in ways I didn't know or understand then.
I saw how much people hurt, including me, and I realized the brutal impact of her choice.
The devastation she caused with that one act of finality,

 made me decide to live a different way - a positive way.
I decided then that no matter what life threw at me, I would not quit.
That became the hardest self-promise I ever made.

LIfe can be a vindictive bitch.

My life became a bad movie of car accidents, botched surgeries, disease and personal crises
that left me with metal body parts and turned my commitment to positive living into dogged determination. It took some soul-searching and some learning to evolve my life and claim
my ability to live gratitude every day.  And to build my ability to create what I want -
regardless of life’s sense of humour.

Fortunately I have a sense of humour, too, which allowed me
to take the lesson Andrea taught me and
use it to continue after each challenge.
I’m thrilled to say that I no longer need such challenges in my life.

I choose joy everyday. 

I choose to create the best! You can, too.



rise above

Elaine Shares the Lessons

I’m here to show you that you can rise above, turn any situation around and live your best life ..


Shame and scars kept me hidden and in fear

Always Wear Clean Underwear!

I believe a bent sense of humour and the gift it took me 39 years to understand are the reasons i am here, now...


To offer some hope, to elevate your day, to make you smile. To show you something new, a useful tip, a new perspective…


Happiness is a plethora of Stingrays!

Plunk me in the ocean, let me dig deep into a bucket of chum with which to feed the more than 125 stingrays that are all around us... You have entered my heaven. ( Sadly it's hubby's hell: what with the water, NOT his first, second or thousandth choice, he's terrified!)


Speaking to Inspire

When you get a few second chances in life it makes sense to try to pass on the bounty. I speak about the tough times, and how you can CHOOSE to keep on going... 

What Others Say


WOW! In less than 5 minutes you have given me a whole new outlook on digital and social media! I'm no longer scared.


Women's Inspire Network One Day Event in Dublin, Ireland


Thank you SO  MUCH  When I go to clients homes, they often say they Googled me and were impressed with what they found and how well
 I came up in the results. 

Lisa Boutilier

Real Estate Agent, Realtor(r), Sales Representative


YOU ARE FLAMING AMAZING! Thank you for being you. This video chat has opened new doors. Today, is an amazing day...I'm coming out of my skin! 

Terri W
Law of Attraction Coach

I'm Excited YOU're Here


Oscar Wilde

Good Quotes

"​Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"

" I can resist everything except temptation."

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

Blog Posts

International womens day mar 8

It’s International Women’s day, a day where we get a chance to shine the light DIRECTLY at those women who are doing incredible things in our world, who inspire us, who work their BUTTS off to make the world around them better.

#Bellletstalk its part of my story

Not many know the true story behind the accident that took part of my leg...

In my weird way I always thought I was protecting those around me by fighting my battles alone. I now know that was foolish....


I'm a raving optimist.. and what that means to me! there's a pony for sure!

Listen in to my podcast to get the full scoop ( Bwa ha ha)...

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Thank you SO MUCH. When I go to clients homes, they often say they Googled me and were impressed with what they found and how well I came up in the results. 

Thank you!

Lisa Boutilier

Real Estate Agent, Realtor(r), Sales Representative