Elaine’s Story

Elaine spent more than 50 years climbing out of the darkness she created, so that she could hide the monster she saw in the mirror.
Currently penning a lesson-rich biography that chronicles her journey from self-hatred, deep grief and loss, through death, destruction, addiction and awakening, to fully embracing life as she is now, This is @TheBionicGlamma at 68 yrs of age.

Podcaster, Author and Comedian, Digital Integration Specialist, Polymath, Pollyanna, and TROOL-y Bionic, Elaine Lindsay hosts the Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast, writes for Medium, and occasionally performs standup Comedy.

Elaine is on a Mission to end the silence, stigma and shame about suicide loss, ideation and mental health. Elaine wants to encourage those difficult conversations. 

After the loss of a friend to suicide at age 16, a life-changing MVA, multiple personal losses, surgeries and hospital stays, in the double-digits, Elaine is uniquely suited to this new normal.

Elaine’s history of adapting and reinventing herself like the phoenix rising from the ashes…comes from being granted multiple second chances in life. 

Like the Phoenix…

“I have had to reinvent myself, and restart in business numerous times. I TROOL-Y understand how life can get in the way.” ~ Elaine Lindsay

My philosophy is a bit tongue in cheek.. Extreme optimism goes along with my #gratitudeattitude
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