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What I Do

I am on a mission to end silence, stigma, and shame surrounding suicide loss, ideation, and mental health.


Through my podcast, I share stories of resilience, hope, and understanding, helping to break the silence surrounding suicide loss, ideation, and mental health.

Powerful storytelling
Inspiring guests
In-depth conversations


As a speaker, I engage audiences with insightful presentations that challenge stereotypes and promote open dialogue about mental health and suicide prevention.

Authentic and impactful
Interactive sessions
Thought-provoking content


Through my writing, I strive to create a culture where it’s safe to discuss mental health challenges, suicidal ideation, and the aftermath of suicide loss.

These topics are normalized and integrated into everyday conversations.

Offer to Listen​

Opening up dialogues about the sensitive and often stigmatized subjects of suicide and ideation is imperative for raising awareness and building understanding within society.

Join the Movement

Sparking the hard conversations and encouraging open discussion about, suicide loss and ideation.

We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. In order to help others we need to talk about the difficult things.

People Say…

“ Suicide is something that affects everyone. We’ve given this lip service for decades. Elaine Lindsay’s podcast, Suicide, Zen and Forgiveness is a place where those of us who have been left behind can share our grief, our guilt, our feelings of failure and shame that are our legacy. Until now, nobody has talked about the lifelong legacy of being the survivor of someone who has taken their own life. This is a groundbreaking podcast that allows us to share our emotions and our feelings that, up until now, we’ve had to swallow and keep hidden. Elaine, thank you for giving a voice to this subject, for being able to journey through shared stories, through the process of finding that zen, and forgiveness. This is a long overdue perspective, and your podcast will heal many. Anyone touched by suicide needs to listen to these stories. It has been an eye opener, and, for me, a way of moving forward. ”

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