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From Rough Patches to Ripples of Joy: My Journey  

Our tale begins on a poignant New Year’s Eve in 1971, marked by the tragic suicide of my dear friend Andrea. I found out about her death the following day at an Alice Cooper concert on January 1, 1972. This loss deeply impacted me, sending me on a path where I had to learn to navigate my emotional landscape without guidance, initially by numbing my pain.

before and after the accident  2:00 Am Sat Mar 20 1976

In 1976, life dealt me another harsh blow. Standing on the highway between two cars, I was crushed when a third car came around the curve in the highway colliding with both stationery vehicles. I lost my unborn child in this tragic incident, part of my leg, and sustained numerous fractures. This led to years of major surgeries, skin grafts, and multiple corrective surgeries. My body transformed with non-factory additions: no kneecaps, a cool titanium half-joint on my left leg, a titanium humerus rod, multiple screws, and a 4-inch nail.

My medical misadventures continued to accumulate: hepatitis ‘c’ diagnosed in 1996, fibromyalgia in 2000, osteoporosis in 2001, and diabetes in 2003. By 2016, my heart revealed its struggles with mitral valve disease, followed by a heart size issue: like the Grinch my heart is too small! And a faulty left ventricle wall in 2017. 

In 2004, seeking some control over my life’s turbulence, I was introduced to Patricia Wall, a self-mastery expert. Over the next seven years, I built a robust toolkit of meditations and techniques, embracing a life of mindfulness, or as I see it, a life where my mind is always fully engaged.


In 2018, I ventured onto the comedy stage at Yuk Yuk’s in Ottawa, finding joy and laughter as the best medicine. I returned to the stage at another club for more fun in May 2019, proving to myself that I could indeed joke about my journey.

By 2019, I was expanding my horizons with a soul coach in France, Fiona Robertson, and exploring intermittent fasting with guidance from Dr. Jason Fung. Despite the Keto diet not fitting well with my gall bladder-less body, I continued my health exploration.

In October 2021, another profound loss shook my world when I lost my only sister, Carolyn, who had bravely battled malignant melanoma stage 4 for over 24 years. After going for a follow-up vaccine, which seemed to exacerbate her breathing difficulties, she had a fall while home alone. We had to let her go three days later.

In 2022, I connected with the Nutritionist/Alchemist Darpan Ahluwalia, and her Goldenroot™ Fermented Turmeric Blend significantly improved my health. I shed over 70 lbs and I am learning to love myself as I am.

Just before Christmas 2022, my father, my hero was diagnosed with dementia. I am so blessed that my dad was almost 90 before this happened. We are working through this new challenge, doing the best we can to keep him comfortable and happy.

As of spring 2022, I’m tackling a new challenge: Fred, a hernia in my small bowel, who is definitely overstaying his welcome. In fall 2023, the liver specialist discovered that I now have chronic pancreatitis.. I know it sounds like I’m soooo greedy!

Throughout this rollercoaster of life, from that fateful New Year’s Eve and through each subsequent challenge, I’ve learned the power of resilience and the importance of emotional health. Each twist and turn has taught me more about my capacity to thrive amid adversity. Daily, I remind myself to choose joy, and I encourage you to do the same. Make the best of your today, every day!

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