In Gratitude

We are blessed with five grandkids ranging in age from 28 to 7 years.

All of them are smart, busy, wonderful and caring humans  (some little and some not) for whom we wish all the best that life has to offer.  It’s tough to be a kid in any generation and I believe that from millennials, and Gen Z to the latest batch, all of their generations have a unique opportunity, having been born. in a world filled with technology.

Over the years the kids were always surrounded by pets… caring for an animal is a great way to give children some responsibility, and unconditional love.  In 2018 we are a silent household. No furkids, and no kids. 

In 2019 we were adopted grudgingly by @TheDivaChi. We call her Caylee. She was purchased from a supposedly reputable breeder. We very quickly found out that was a total lie. She was 11 months old when we paid for her. Barely three weeks after she had 2 pups, that didn’t live.

We figured out they had tried to sell her once before. She had no social training, didn’t know how to play, and was terrified of all humans. It took us well over a year to be able to hold her, pick her up, and take her for a walk.

April 2023 we agreed to a trial with a slightly larger Chihuahua… Called Spencer, he is a Merle. He is about 9 months older than Caylee A mostly happy guy, who prances like a Lipizzaner!

our Furkids Now – Memories pre 2015

Caylee and Spencer together
Caylee 5 yrs old Spencer 6yrs old
Miss Cosette hubby's darling
Miss Cosette left us at age 18
Casha cat sep5
Casha Cat Age 21 yrs
Cole 6sep5
Cole age 15 yrs
Chloe 6sep5
Chloe age 13 yrs
in the pool with the dogs
Elaine in the pool with the Terrier Trio

Here are my kids as Zombies. We are a different kind of family. Some of my family photos are a bit different.. .. they are part of the +1000 Zombie Project on Google+ by the  Canadian artist Byron ‘von’  Rempel..

It’s always a thrill to be able to show off our kids. We just have a different kind or depth of pride!  There’s no mistaking the eyes of our kids.. 

My kids: Zombies #96 and #97

the first 100 of the 1000 Zombie Project

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