Now for Something Completely Different: Stand Up Comedy 2

And Now for Something Completely Different: Stand-up Comedy #2

This was 2019. I had appeared on stage at Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa in 2018 and got good revues..( I was asked to come back)  this is my second set at a different club… ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’

one-up-comedy-night-may-11-19-ottawa-elaine-lindsay with other comedians

I had just started my journey to me… I was filled with terror, and of course second guessed myself mercilessly after.  I chose to go with the flow… When you are becoming congruent within, you begin to create the opportunities you have surreptitiously dreamed about since you were a child. This dream come true opportunity can be almost an assault when the Universe calls you out!

” Step right Up and perform on stage” the universe/God/Creator whatever your term is for the divine hand that fulfills our true desires. This is the second opportunity for me to do stand up comedy in the last year since i began to step into my fully realized self. 

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