Elaine’s Why

Elaine’s ultimate goal is to contribute to a world where individuals feel comfortable seeking help. Where communities rally around those struggling with suicide loss, ideation, mental health issues. Where the conversation around these topics is as commonplace as discussing your physical health.

the header for Medium -Elaine Lindsay writes on Medium with the @troolsocial handle

Certainly, as a writer focused on discussing trauma and challenges related to suicide loss, ideation, and mental health, advocacy plays a crucial role in Elaine’s work.

Opening up dialogues about these sensitive and often stigmatized subjects is imperative for raising awareness and building understanding within society.

Elaine’s Goal

Through both Elaine’s podcast and her writing, she aims not only to shed light on these issues but also to initiate and encourage conversations that break the silence surrounding suicide loss, ideation and mental health struggles.

People Say…

Elaine, you honour all of us. I truly think what you are doing is amazing. I see myself as pretty resilient, but until you started this podcast, I had no idea what I had bottled up inside me. I’m so blessed to know you.

Angela Sutcliffe Suicide loss Survivor and Small Business Advocate

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