International women's day 2017

My daughter-in-law’s boobs and my near death in same sentence??

Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled to get an International Women’s Day Tribute from my Son

Not sure how I feel about reading “My mom should’ve been dead in the same sentence as my daughter-in-law’s boobs!” I have a friend who does a photo meme for Heating Up the Capital in the dead of winter to cheer up all those who appreciate a fine male form. That can be a bit much for me as truth be told I’m a PRUDE.. really.

Oh My! Imagine my angst when I saw the headline on Facebook. My son had written a blog post on Kiss Ottawa “My wife’s Boobs Save Lives, and my mom should’ve been dead.”

First thought OMG what have I done now??? (Its a mother thing I think, always worried we are embarrassing our children, in this case adult children)

The I read the post and was so honoured. I’m now feeling like the luckiest mom on the planet. It wasn’t until 2013 that I first spoke about my life story. In preparation for that first public speaking engagement, at W3 the Women Wisdom and Wellness event put on by Dr Nathalie Beauchamp, I found out my son and my daughter had a very different view of me that the one I had imagined. (I thought they viewed me as a whiny sick person)

This tribute on International Women’s Day is amazing and I am so honoured and humbled by his words.. Thrilled about my darling daughter in law  Léa who’s the driving force behind  First Step Ottawa Fitness.  I believe the  Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank is a brilliant organization.

You can read the full article here.. Thanks again @Ryan Lindsay

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