Social Media Public Service Announcement SMPSA
This is meant to be a useful post. As the Glammapreneur who really wants to put an end to the[...]
Optimist Hells Yeah!
I'm a raving optimist.. and what that means to me! there's a pony for sure!
#GetLoud Mental Health Week in Canada
#GetLoud Mental Health Week in CanadaCMHA says "Mental health is about more than mental illnessIt’s more than being happy all[...]
My daughter-in-law’s boobs and my near death in same sentence??
Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled to get an International Women’s Day Tribute from my Son Not sure how I[...]
#Bellletstalk Part Of My Story
#BellLetsTalk A part of my story untold until today… Not many know the true story behind the accident that took[...]