Alice Cooper – Suicide Prevention – Best/Worst Gift Ever
The Alice Cooper ‘Killer’ tour,in Ottawa Canada, had been rescheduled to January 1st,1972. It was a huge deal that my[...]
About My Mental Health
Because its #BellLetsTalk  I am sharing my first encounter with #suicide: what is now called a mental health issue. When[...]
Now for Something Completely Different: Stand Up Comedy 2
Stand Up Comedy 2nd Time on Stage When you are becoming congruent within, you begin to create the opportunities you[...]
Social Media Public Service Announcement SMPSA
This is meant to be a useful post. As the Glammapreneur who really wants to put an end to the[...]
Optimist Hells Yeah!
I'm a raving optimist.. and what that means to me! there's a pony for sure!

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