Family Photos

We are blessed with five grandkids ranging in age from 24 to 2 years.

All of them are smart, busy, wonderful and caring humans  (some little and some not) for whom we wish all the best that life has to offer.  It's tough to be a kid in any generation and I believe that from millennials, and Gen Z to the latest batch, all of the generations have a unique opportunity due to the world filled with technology in which they have been born.

Over the years the kids were always surrounded by pets... caring for an animal is a great way to give children some responsibility, and unconditional love.  Now in 2018 we are a silent household. No furkids, and no kids. 

Remembering our Furkids

Miss Cosette
Casha cat sep5
Cole 6sep5
Chloe  6sep5
in the  pool  with the dogs

Here are my kids Zombies. We are a different kind of family. Some of my family photos are a bit different.. .. they are part of the +1000 Zombie Project on Google+ by the  Canadian artist Byron ‘von’  Rempel..

It's always a thrill to be able to show off our kids. We just have a different kind or depth of pride!  There's no mistaking the eyes of our kids.. 

My kids: Zombies #96 and #97 and can be seen here..

Amanda Lindsay as #96: my kids Zombies: created by Byron Rempel Jul 2012
Ryan Lindsay as #97 my kids Zombies: created by Byron Rempel Jul 2012

or Here at I draw Zombies

Also here is the first 100 of the 1000 Zombie Project

my kids Zombies:: 1000-zombie-project-byron-rempel

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