Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

About Elaine Lindsay  - Speaker

Elaine Says  "I made an important choice: I could be a victim of pain and adversity or I could choose to overcome it. That choice allows me to share my knowledge and expertise in the digital world. I aim to improve 1% daily, to learn something new and to make every effort to live a #GratitudeAttitude daily.”

Elaine is uniquely suited to this new normal with a history of adapting and reinventing herself like the phoenix rising from the ashes…

Starting anew after accidents, and long-term illness took her out of commission on multiple occasions, Elaine finally shared her story for the first time in 2013 at the Women Wisdom and Wellness Expo in Ottawa Canada. .

Speaker, polymath, early adopter, lifetime learner, (sometimes having to repeat the lessons more than once!)

Late Bloomer, Extreme Optimist, Bionic Glammapreneur with an ever-present #gratitudeattitude who believes ALL WAYS #KeepBreathing #ChooseLife

Transform yourself or your team with lessons learned the hard way: from the resilience queen always looking on the bright side!

Elaine believes INTEGRATION is KEY in Life and Business.

Elaine Says

Suicide, Zen & Forgiveness

Suicide, Zen  Forgiveness Podcast

"I've learned so many lessons over the past 6 decades.... (OMG that's a long time)It ain't all pretty. It ain't all funny. And it ain't done!!  

I have learned:

  • When you can laugh at yourself then anything is POSSIBLE!!!
  • Sharing your story can lighten your burden.
  • Offering my hand in friendship is a gift to myself.
  • Together, we are better able to weather the storms of life.

Elaine firmly believes even when all you see is shit... There's a pony  somewhere!

theres gotta be a pony.. wheelbarrow full of horse dung with shovel
in the pool with the dogs

Inspiration * Motivation * Connection

My goal is to inspire you, to motivate you to be passionate at whatever you do: You can live each moment with gratitude as you share your passion!

After losing part of my leg, gaining some metal, titanium and other new parts as well multiple surgeries and hospital stays I am TROOL-y Bionic and I am uniquely positioned to speak to the concept ‘always get back up‘...

Thanks to Nurjahan Boulden who coined the phrase #Failabration*   I now celebrate each mistake to be sure to take the lesson! (And BOY there have been a few!!!)

 I play the ‘Glad” Game every day, and look for the humor in everything.  Life has taught me much and I want to share that wisdom with the world. The road has not always been easy, nor smooth.

I feel the ups and downs have molded me into the woman I am today. 


Animals * Fun * Adventure

I'm happiest when there are animals around. This is the hubby and I in the Caribbean, 35 miles off the coast of Grand Cayman, Stingray City, a sandbar that is only about 5 feet deep. 

This sandbar is home to more than 125 stingrays. They congregate to meet the tourists and eat their fill. About 70 years ago the fishermen used to stop here to clean their catch, throwing the 'chum' overboard. The stingrays began to appear and gobble up the spoils. A new industry was born.

For a few decades now the islanders make a good living ferrying tourists out to marvel at the amazing rays... in their own habitat.. open ocean.

elaine Lindsay headshot  Speaker Podcast Hist Suicide Zen Forgiveness

Speaking to Inspire

Senior??? WTF

Thoughts, terrors and a humorous look at becoming a senior, what that means for the entrepreneurs, fempreneurs and wanna-be's that are, in terms of some people, "past their best before date" Elaine smashes the boundaries.

“We create our own reality, so make it AMAZING...
I'm a  Glammapreneur, I'm Old and I'm Awesome!” says Elaine

I Was Given A Gift:  The Best/Worst Gift ever!  From my friend Andrea who took her own life. She gave me the perspective of one of the suicide adjacent… I know what it feels like to be left behind.

The ramifications of losing Andrea during our teen years turned into the gift that kept me living:   through some pretty dark shit... now I want to regift this to others so they 'Keep Breathing'

Signature talks:

Best/Worst Gift EVER!

Suicide Survivor Now What??

Suicide ain't a solo act!

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