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Fortunately  I  have a bent sense of humour, too, which allowed me to take the lesson Andrea taught me and use it to continue after each challenge. I’m thrilled to say that I no longer need such challenges in my life.. I choose joy everyday.  

Remember this...

What you focus on expands, this concept, Introduced to me in a book called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

by T. Harv Eker

Life may have had its twists and turns yet, I have to say it took me till well into my late fifties to seriously make a list of things i really felt called to do... Like comedy. 

I had always had a deep seated wish to do stand up comedy.  I was too lacking in self-confidence, too full of self-loathing and too stubborn and secretive to ever say it out loud. After my accident at 20 yrs old, I said i couldn't be a standup as that was something I was no longer good at: the standing part.  i would then follow that up with that fact that I didn't relish the idea of being seen, so getting on a stage was out of the question, and the hidden comic had already been done to death in the 70s!

Fast forward (who the hell am I kidding??) it wasn't until I was 62, that I took the plunge, enrolled in a comedy camp and did six minutes on stage at Yuk Yuk's in Ottawa!  It seems i didn't get booed off the stage and except for my voice being too quiet.. people laughed!! (Insert Sally Field moment here)

 I have to say a thank you to my coach Jenn Hayward who told me once I got off the stage i would be on a weird high that could last too long!!

Well Hells yeah!!  Who knew?? 

I choose to focus on joy and making each moment the best yet! You can, too.

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