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Fortunately  I  have a bent sense of humour, too, which allowed me to take the lesson Andrea taught me and use it to continue after each challenge. I’m thrilled to say that I no longer need such challenges in my life.. I choose joy everyday.  

Remember this...

What you focus on expands, this concept, Introduced to me in a book called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

by T. Harv Eker

Life may have had its twists and turns yet, I have to say it took me till well into my late fifties to seriously make a list of things i really felt called to do... Like comedy. 

I had always had a deep seated wish to do stand up comedy.  I was too lacking in self-confidence, too full of self-loathing and too stubborn and secretive to ever say it out loud. After my accident at 20 yrs old, I said I couldn't be a standup as that was something I was no longer good at: the standing part.  i would then follow that up with that fact that I didn't relish the idea of being seen, so getting on a stage was out of the question, and the hidden comic had already been done to death in the 70s!

Fast forward (who the hell am I kidding??) it wasn't until I was 62, that I took the plunge, enrolled in a comedy camp and did six minutes on stage at Yuk Yuk's in Ottawa!  It seems I didn't get booed off the stage and except for my voice being too quiet.. people laughed!! (Insert Sally Field moment here)

In true well why not fashion, I took a gig at Don't Quit Your Day Job Comedy Night - Ottawa at the end of May 2019 and once again enjoyed myself!

I have to say a thank you to some of the amazing women in my life:

Dr Nathalie Beauchamp who gave me the first opportunity to share my story, which started the current journey 
Judy Croon, who is all heart, a true friend, editor, comedy coach and without whom, I would still be hiding in my secretive deep mind cavern, never having the guts to finally tell my truth... and then take it to funny!
And my other comedy coach Jenn Hayward who told me once I got off the stage I would be on a weird high that could last too long!! 

Well Hells yeah!!  Who knew?? 

I choose to focus on joy and making each moment the best yet! You can, too.

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